Harrods Selection

All four estates grow Trinitario beans, and the cocoa mass used is from their 2019 harvests…

La Reunion Estate, Central Trinidad

Flavour: Herbal, floral, dried fruit and nut notes.

La Reunion estate covers 200 hectares, on which award-winning cocoa is grown. Established in the late 1940s for research and to support the cocoa sector, La Reunion carries out breeding programmes, conservation, agronomy and processing trials, provides farmers with planting material and technical advice, training and infrastructure. La Reunion produces the highest quality of Trinitario beans, which have achieved global recognition by consistently winning awards at the Salon du Chocolat in Paris every year. Read more…

Ortinola Estate, North Trinidad

Flavour: Tropical yellow fruit, citric and browned fruit.

The Ortinola Estate is a historic cocoa estate nestled in the Northern Range, Maracas Valley Trinidad, where cocoa has been grown since the 1800’s. The estate is surrounded by natural rainforest, with the terrain being undulating/slightly sloping. The Acono river runs through the estate. The estate comprises 365 acres, 7 of which are actively cultivated with Trinitario trees which were established in August 2012.  The estate is actively planning to expand the acreage under cultivation within the next two years and in the future. Read more ...

Tableland Estate, South Trinidad

Flavour: Fresh fruit with brown and dried fruit notes, floral notes towards the end.

The Cocoa Estate is located in Tableland, a rural district located in the county of Victoria, South Trinidad. The topography of the area is an elevated plateau with most of its indigenous forest still intact. This Tableland Cocoa estate is neatly nested within this natural flora. The estate was established in 2010 using 100% TSH cocoa varieties with cultural practices geared towards preserving the organic chemistry of the estate. The estate is currently sized at 30 acres with future plans to expand to 50 acres. Here at Tableland our mission is to produce a high quality natural cocoa bean and be recognized on a global scale.

Aripo Estate, East Trinidad

Flavour: Ripe fruit, mild lactic acidity and red fruit notes.

Located in the Eastern mountains of Trinidad, Aripo Estate is one of our partner small-holder estates owned by Mr Thompson, a cocoa farmer with 60 years of experience. His unique skills and experience has provided some of the finest cocoa beans in the country. He ferments and dries the beans on the estate ensuring the highest quality. The estate is only 5 hectares of land but due to the mountains can be challenging to harvest. Mr Thompson is an example of hard work, knowledge and passion that has kept the cocoa sector in Trinidad and Tobago alive.