Easter Chocolate Workshops

Easter Chocolate Workshops
04/05/2019 TTFCC
Easter Chocolate Workshops

Easter Chocolate Workshop

Over the Easter Weekend we hosted 3 educational Chocolate workshops by experts in the industry.

‘The Science of Tasting Chocolate ‘ was hosted by Dr. Darin Sukha; a leading food technologist at the Cocoa Research Centre UWI. We learned about how to taste chocolate and what makes Trinitario Cocoa so unique.

David Oliver, the Head Pastry Chef at The Four Seasons in London hosted our “Culinary Applications of Trinitario Cocoa.’ We were graced with a live éclair making demonstration and tasting.

Our final workshop was a “Premium Rum & Chocolate Truffle Pairing’ given by Dr.Darin Sukha. Here we learned about the process of making rum and why it pairs so well with artisan chocolate.


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