Chocolate Tart

Chocolate Tart
20/01/2017 TTFCC

Chocolate Tart

6oz Trinidad Chocolate, 4oz White Chocolate, 8g Gelatin, 375g Heavy Cream, 375g Custard, 1 tsp Cardamom Powder, 1oz Crème de Cacao

Tart Crust

8oz butter, 3oz white sugar
¼ tsp salt, 2.25oz eggs
10oz all-purpose flour
2oz cocoa powder


1) On low speed, using a paddle attachment, cream butter, sugar, salt until evenly blended.
2) Add in eggs just until absorbed, sift flour and cocoa powder and add to mixture until evenly blended.
3) Chill for 15 minutes then press into a lightly greased tart pan.
4) Prebake tart shell until hardened (7 mins) at 325 degrees F. Cool.

Tart Filling

6oz heavy cream, 6oz milk
8oz Trinidad bitter sweet chocolate, 1 egg
8oz Trinidad white chocolate
4oz condensed milk


1) Combine cream and milk, bring to a simmer and remove from heat.
2) In a bowl, pour warm cream mixture onto chocolate and stir until melted and smooth.
3) Lightly beat the egg and gradually stir in chocolate mixture.
4) Pour chocolate into tart shell and bake it 375 degrees F until set (15 mins). Cool, slice and enjoy.


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