Chocolate Sweet Potato

Chocolate Sweet Potato
21/05/2017 TTFCC
Chocolate Sweet Potato - Chef Darryl Roberts

Chocolate Sweet Potato

By Chef Darryl Roberts


6 oz sweet potato
1 oz. onion
3 chopped pimentos
2 oz. chopped chadon beni
3 oz chopped TT Fine Cocoa chocolate
1 cup water
1 oz. chopped chadon beni
¼ cup cream cheese
5 Oz of Beef Brown Stock
salt to taste


1) Boil the sweet potatoes until softened.

2) Add butter:when melted add chopped onion, chadon beni, pimento.

3) To make the cocoa sauce: combine the water and cocoa on medium heat.

4) Then add the seasoning and cream cheese and sugar to the chocolate sauce.

5) Then combine the chocolate sauce and sweet potato and salt to taste. Adjust seasoning if necessary. Serve.


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